Transfer native and ERC20 coins to multiple accounts in a single transfer.
Supports multiple chains and tokens, transfer from 1 to many using the zero hassle single push app or build on top of the system using our deployed contracts.

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How it works

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Single push multi transfer

The smart contract handles all the divisions and transfers, merging several individual transactions into one.

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Handles floating point number divisions

The system is built to smoothly handle divisions which would generate floating points

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Easy to use

The system is intuitive and hassle free. It previews on real time how the operation will be executed.

Use cases

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Equally splitting payments between users

You can split a payment between multiple users, even add yourself to make the system calculate the amount for you

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Automatically split transfers

Build on top of the system to automatically split payments that you or your colleges receive while handling floating point divisions

Supported chains

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Supported tokens

USD Coin
Binance USD

And more coming soon!

Integrate it into your own contract

Connect your smart contract to automatically distribute payments between different acounts.

The system supports any ERC-20 token. Find more about it in the documentation.

interface I1Transfer {
  function splitPayment(address[] memory recipients) 
    external payable;
  function splitTokenPayment(
    address[] memory recipients,
    uint256 amount,
    address token
    ) external;